College Planning

Do you know how much it will cost to put your kids through college? Do you know how much you need to have saved by now to help your kids afford college? We've got you covered.  We offer proactive solutions to help you save ON the cost of college.   First, we will analyze your financial information to estimate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Next, we will create College Reports to help you compare statistics such as 4 year graduation rates, Cost of Attendance (COA), and average amount of need met for each school. This will help estimate the amount of Financial Need you might expect to receive. Finally, we will compare the net cost of each school, make recommendations, and craft an informed student loan strategy.

We can also help you save FOR college.  Ask us today about the differences between 529 Savings Plans and 529 Prepaid Plans. We can help you choose the right plan based on your needs and time horizon. We will help you develop an investment strategy best suited to fit your needs. Seven out of ten graduates have student loan debt and the average amount of debt is $37,000.  That equates to a payment plan of $400/month for 10 years. Will your son/daughter be able to afford their loan payments when they graduate? We will determine a “Max Student Loan Amount” based on college major and career goals.  Learn More

Student Loans

Wondering how to pay off your Student Loans without going broke? We can help you evaluate your repayment options. Did you know the cumulative amount of Student Loan Debt in the U.S is greater than $1.5 Trillion? That is $600 Million more than the combined credit card debt in the U.S! Patrick Logue is committed to helping end this crisis one student at a time. Are you familiar with all of the various Forgiveness Plans and how they work? Want to know the biggest mistakes graduates are making with their Student Loans? Here’s a hint: creating a proactive college plan BEFORE your kids start college may save them thousands of dollars and it may also improve your probability for a successful Retirement. Learn More


According to GoBankingRates, 40% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for Retirement. Review what you just read above about College Planning and Student Loans and it’s no wonder why people haven’t saved more. With rising college costs and more options for parents and grand-parents to borrow money to pay for college, it is easy to see how Retirement can be overlooked. Fear not, we focus on Comprehensive Financial Planning. This means that we consider all of these factors and expenses together, not in isolation. Learn More

A strong finish starts with a great plan.