I am a Financial Planner and Triathlete.   

Want to see what Triathlon Training has taught me about Financial Planning?      


Prudent Financial Planning is a fee-only Financial Planning Firm located in Southwest Florida. We specialize in Student Loans, Investing, College Planning, and Retirement.

The Beginning: 

How many of us have looked at the open water swim and said “I could never do that”? To an outsider, this looks like chaos. To a seasoned triathlete, this just makes you want to sign up for the next triathlon, even if it’s in Alaska in the middle of winter. Endurance Athletes train to reach peak fitness for a race. So, how do these athletes reach such a high level of fitness? They put in countless hours of training, hire a coach, follow a training plan, buy the right equipment, and they get the proper rest and nutrition to refuel their bodies.

How many of us have thought about our financial goals, such as saving $1,000,000 for Retirement, and said “I could never do that”? Apparently, many of us compare our chances of retiring successfully with the open water swim leg of an Ironman. A report from GoBankingRates found that over 40 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.  So, how can you reach your financial goals? The same skills that serve endurance athletes can serve you to reach peak “Financial Fitness”.

Photo by xomato/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by xomato/iStock / Getty Images

The Transition:

A passage from one state or stage to another.  One of the major transitions in our life is turning a job into a career.  Now we have moved from the state of "surviving" to thriving.  Thus we enter the stage of wealth accumulation.  We can't practice this transition like triathletes practice ending their swim and moving onto the bike, but we can work with a Financial Planner who can guide us around any obstacles in our way to reach our goals.  


The Bike Stage (Saving):

We can help maximize the performance of your this stage in your life by improving cash flow, maximizing returns, minimizing risk, maxing retirement plan contributions, analyzing insurance needs, paying down debt and more.  But, in the end, you have to enjoy the ride.  There is no "one size fits all" plan.  Let us create a personal plan tailored to fit your needs and goals.  

Transitioning off the Bike Stage (Retirement):

Transitioning off the bike and into the run (retirement) is no easy task.  You have been in a groove on the bike (working) for so long that it would be easier to keep riding all the way to the finish line.  All you thought of the whole bike ride was how nice it will be once you can get off the bike (stop working) and just settle in for the run (retirement).  But, you get off the bike and your legs feel like jelly.  You start to second guess yourself and you're not sure if you are physically (financially) or emotionally (emotionally) ready to start running (retire) yet.  Not to worry.  Your individualized training plan will prepare you for this transition and you will have the tools and the confidence you need to conquer this stage of your life (retirement).  


The Finish

What does a successful finish look like to you?  Is your goal to beat a certain time, set a new PR, or finish with a friend?  What does a successful career and retirement look like to you?  Do you want to be like the 40% of Americans who have less than $10,000 saved for Retirement (never start the race) or would you prefer to start training to achieve financial independence?   Not sure how to get there?  We've got you covered.   

As an athlete, you stick to a training plan for your races, log the miles day in and day out, make sacrifices to reach your goals, buy the right training equipment, overcome obstacles along the way, run a tune-up race to make sure you are prepared for the race, and then put it all together for that once-in-a-lifetime finish!  Now, let us help you design your Peak Financial Training Plan.