Professional: Patrick Logue, CFP® professional, is a fee-only Financial Advisor and founder of Prudent Financial Planning LLC. He specializes in College Planning, Student Loans, and Retirement Planning. Pat is a member of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG), Fee-Only Network (FON), XY Planning Network (XYPN) and National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). With 20 years of experience in financial services, he is intimately familiar with Student Loan Planning, College Planning, Investments, Tax Planning, Retirement, and Charitable Giving Strategies.

Personal: Pat enjoys competing in endurance sports. He has competed in numerous 5k's, 10k's, half-marathons, 2 marathons, dozens of triathlons from Sprint distance up to Half-Ironman, completed 2 Tough Mudders, 1 Muddy Buddy, a 60-mile running relay race, a 150-mile bike trek, Cycling Criteriums, and more. In addition to training for races, Pat enjoys hiking, running, biking, swimming, coaching, and spending time with his wife, Erin, and their 2 children.

Watch the short video below to see how we leverage technology to create your custom financial plan and help you achieve your goals.

Need help with College Planning and/or Paying off Student Loans?  We've got you covered.  We offer proactive solutions to help you plan for a successful College outcome.   We can help you save money on the cost of college and we can help you create a prudent student loan plan.  Let us review your Student Loans and help you save money in the process.  Seven out of ten graduates have student loan debt and their average amount of debt is $35,000.  That equates to a payment plan of $350/month for 10 years!  


Pat is a fee-only Financial Planner who does not earn commissions nor sell products. Here is a list of his services and fees.

  1. Comprehensive Financial Planning - Initial fee for creating Comprehensive Financial Plan starting at $500 (due upfront) plus monthly retainer fee based on Net Worth. For example, if a client has a Net Worth of $250,000, their initial fee would be $687.50 with a monthly fee of $104.17. A client worth $1,000,000 would pay an initial fee of $1,250 with a monthly fee of $417.00. No long-term contracts (you can cancel anytime with 15 days written notice.) *minimum monthly fee of $100.

  2. Hourly Financial Planning - $200/hour. You pick the area of focus. We will gather the necessary information and get to work for you.

  3. Young Professionals - You pick 3 areas of focus. We will meet once per month for 6 months. The billing for this plan is $0.00 upfront and $200/month for 6-months.

  4. Fixed Fee - Project Based Financial Planning can also be offered on a fixed fee basis. The fixed fee will be agreed upon

    before the start of any work. The fixed fee can typically range between $499.00 and $2,999.00 depending on the scope of the project.